We are so happy to announce you guys, that we made it! Finally, after 3 weeks no sleep, we are happy to install our first commercial kinect controlled game for the amazing brand Utenos beer. You can try this game only in a little town Utena at Utenos beer museum.
We also have to thank the advertising agency The Chocolate for trusting us with this project!
You can watch videos here.


Blog is a mobile game targeted for girls gamers. It's a wonderful fantastic story about scout girl who searches for her missing dog and finds injured mystic creature.
The game has no violence, there is no blood, no killing, no deaths, just lots of fun, action and puzzles.
You can watch video here.

Available for iOS and Android.

What if mental institutions are deciding the fate of the humanity? What if people who we call crazy are actually our heroes?
Mirror is a story based 3D shooter for mobile devices.

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Vilnius, HUB